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Pet Tumbler Interactive Toy

Pet Tumbler Interactive Toy

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Playful Exercise and Ultimate Treats:
Elevate your dog's playtime with our interactive toy, offering a perfect blend of playful exercise and their favorite treats. The engaging design encourages active participation, ensuring your pet enjoys a fun workout while relishing tasty rewards, making every play session a delightful experience.
Anxiety-Relief Play:
Transform playtime into a peaceful retreat with our interactive toy. Specially crafted to ease anxiety and stress, it makes each play session a soothing experience for your pet, bringing you both moments of calm joy.
Interactive Fun for All Sizes:
Keep dogs of all sizes entertained with our versatile toy. Whether you have a small or medium-sized companion, our interactive design adapts to different skill levels, ensuring each pet enjoys the benefits of engaging play.
Durable and Chew-Resistant:
Crafted from sturdy materials, our toy withstands energetic play and is resistant to chewing. Built to endure your pet's enthusiasm, it guarantees long-lasting enjoyment and durability for pet parents seeking a reliable playtime solution.
Healthy Habits, Happy Pet:
Encourage healthy slow feeding habits. By incorporating treats into play, this toy not only entertains but also supports your pet's gastrointestinal health, making it an ideal choice for pet owners focused on their furry friend's overall well-being.


Material: ABS+PC

Color: Black/Blue/Yellow/Green

Size: appr.138*80*111mm

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